In the Philippines

Vietnamese students

Vietnamese students relax before class

After several months in India, Fr. Tom Cassidy is in the Philippines where he is teaching English. He writes:

This morning I had my first class. There are six Vietnamese and five Filipinos. The Filipinos speak very good English and will only be in the class for a couple of days. Fr. Khoa said he wanted them to hear an American accent. They’ll be going on the Dehonian Youth Mission as are all those preparing to enter the postulancy program. The six Vietnamese have been here for almost a year and, I believe, have already passed their proficiency test for entrance into the university for their philosophy studies.

Cassidy in Philippines

The Dehonian Youth Mission is an annual event that involves our SCJ candidates as well as young men and women who give of their time in a week-long pastoral project. The also learn about our SCJ charism.

It is hot here but no where near as hot as Andhra Pradesh (India). For example, today’s high is predicted to be about 90 degrees, warm by US standards but certainly a lot more comfortable than what many Indians are currently dealing with. There is also a chance for thunderstorms later today. From what I’ve been told they could use the rain. I hope the rain comes before or after I take my walk.

On the way to the airport yesterday I asked Fr. Delio about the land our former superior general asked the region to buy in Manila for a future region/provincial house located more conveniently to the airport. He told me they have the land but no immediate plans to build as there are one or two other projects that are more pressing. One he mentioned is a retreat house. I mention this because several of the region’s programs are housed in the place that I am currently staying: (1) postulancy, (2) philosophy, and (3) the regional administration and fundraising offices. We also have Immaculate Conception parish nearby.


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