SCJ students in India learn about social challenges

Blessing the newly purchased computers

Fr. Tom Cassidy, SCJ, who is assisting with the formation program in the District of India, recently wrote about the students’ “social action day.” The Dehonian students broke into three groups to learn about social concerns near the school. The groups were named Matthew, Mark and Luke after the Synoptic Gospels in honor of Fr. Charles Brown’s three-week course with the students on the topic in May and June.

Fr. Tom writes:

At Mass, each group reported on its social action activities. The groups planned to visit the central hospital in Eluru, the juvenile jail, and a home for mentally challenged youth. Two groups were able to accomplish what they had set out to do. However, the morning rains washed out the path to the jail visit, so that group also went to the local governmental hospital (central hospital).

Those who visited the hospital spoke of the problems faced by patients. For example, the long waits to see doctors because the doctors work not only in the central hospital but often in private hospitals as well. In addition, the quality of food or at times the lack of food other than bread was an issue for some patients, as was the overall cleanliness of patient rooms. One question left unanswered among the students: What, if anything, can they do about it?

The final group to report was the one which visited an orphanage for the challenged. I am not sure if all the children fall in this category, but yes, some do. Take a close look at the photo below that I can’t help but love; look at the young girl standing next to Br. Prem: she gazes up at him starry-eyed — I think Prem’s found a new friend. This is not our first visit to the children, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

After Mass, we blessed three new desktop computers made possible by generous donations from three residents at Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake in Franklin, WI.

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